New York Lotto Treatment

About Cub Studio

Cub is a small, hard working creative animation & motion graphics studio in London. We specialise in creating fun, original and characterful animations for some of the world's biggest brands.

In our short history, we have created content for the likes of Facebook, Twitter & Dropbox as well as great sporting institutions like the NFL, The International Olympic Committee, Fox Sports and  more.

We are known for our individual style. Our work creates a sense of depth and texture with a bold vector based style, infused with character and humour.

Cub Studio 2018 Showreel


Approach & Considerations

Cub has the ability to work across multiple styles providing flexibility to the New York Lottery's multiple brands and games. Our team's experience from the VFX, motion graphic and animation industries means that we can turn our hand to the multitude of animated elements needed for this project.

The New York Lottery project is a perfect fit for the Cub team. Although we work with an array of industries, our speciality has become the work we produce for sports franchises and institutions. We have a great amount of experience in bringing our own particular brand of humour and flair, as well as the excitement of a big game to our visuals.

With a high percentage of social media access made through mobile devices, it's essential to create content that can load quickly and play effortlessly on phones, Our style and knowledge of the various formats allows us to easily create branded assets that make the most of all current social media requirements.

Being based in the UK allows us to work on a timeline that suits US based agencies. The time difference gives us a full day to work through changes and allows you the full afternoon to review work.




Asset 1.png


We would create a more dynamic type treatment to help ensure the media isn't lost in social streams. We would use bold physical effects and camera depth to reveal the type in engaging ways.


Below are a couple of simple animation tests designed to create a sense of depth with slick 3D camera moves to reveal the number of winning New Yorkers. The videos have a slight difference, the left using a camera pull back through the balls to reveal the number, the right pushes through the balls to reveal the number.

NB. Please note the lotto balls in this test are not representative of final look feel and quality.

A number of examples of attractive and fun means of using the balls to display numbers and present infographic information and type.

Brand Level

Confetti Stats & Infographic Stats

Here are a couple of examples of the ways we would use particle effects and camera movement to bring life to the Lottery branded elements.

Some further exploratory means of using type that could be used to to enliven the infographics.

For The Win

Do The Wave

We live, breath and animate sport here at Cub and you don't get to do that without animating a few stadia! Alongside the examples of previous crowd scenes we have worked up, we have created a proof of concept 360 stadium animation incorporating the Giants and Jets stadiums.

NB. In this example we have used particles to represent people due to time constraints.


Biggest Fan

Character rigs and templates don't often/easily go hand in hand but we can develop and create characters that you'll easily be able to utilise throughout various sporting events in the year. Our process allows us to generate multiple permutations of assets that feature the branding of the various New York teams.

Warm Ups

We have a lot of experience when it comes to creating looping sports animations. Below you can find some of the process and finished content we created for the Paddy Power app start up screens.

Post Win Clean Up

We would create fun alternate scenarios for each of the Post Win Clean-up sports. For basketball, the person clearing up would use a court mop, for football, he could use a leaf blower and ice hockey, a Zamboni would be used.

We have prepared the leaf-blower example. In each case, the colours of the confetti can be adjusted to be those of the team.

Thank you for taking the time to review our work and our test animations, We hope to have conveyed some of our enthusiasm for this varied and exciting project!