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About Cub Studio

Cub is a small, hard working creative animation & motion graphics studio in London. We specialise in creating fun, original and characterful animations for some of the world's biggest brands.

In our short history, we have created content for the likes of Facebook, Twitter & Dropbox as well as great sporting institutions like the NFL, The International Olympic Committee, Fox Sports and  more.

We are known for our individual style and ability to break down complex information units in to easily digestible animations. Our aesthetic creates a sense of depth and texture with a bold vector based style.

Cub Studio 2018 Showreel

Approach & Considerations

Collectively, Cub has been in the industry for many, many, many years, and there's a few adages we often go back to when starting new projects.

  1. The voice over script should be strong enough to stand on it's own, the visuals are designed to compliment, add and help visualise the script.
  2. The script should be concise as people have short attention spans.
  3. The animation is the shop window, designed to register interest from the viewer, the finer details can be explained later down the funnel.

How we see the Smile series of animations working:

Programme Overview - 60s
Summary of core components/benefits of the Smile programme

Unique Charity URL - 90s
Overview of the benefits, use of and setup of a unique url

Promotion Best Practise - 120s
Top 5 tips for promoting your charity Smile programme

Using - 60s
Explaining why you have to shop at


Worried about Cub being Londoners? Don't be!
Being based in the UK allows us to work on a timeline that suits US based companies. The time difference gives us a full day to work through changes and allows you the full afternoon to review work. In fact our sound engineer is based in New Zealand, working whilst we sleep, ensuring projects are always moving forwards without the rushing/over working that can stifle creativity.


Aesthetically we'd look to approach the project with a simple yet beautiful approach, allowing the voice over and visuals to clearly speak to the viewer, ensuring an uncomplicated and educational experience.

You're in safe hands

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