Cub is a small, hard working creative animation & motion graphics studio in Brighton. We specialise in creating fun, original and characterful animation for some of the world's biggest brands.

In our short history, we have created content for the likes of Facebook, Twitter & Dropbox as well as great sporting institutions like the NFL, The International Olympic Committee, UEFA and  more.

We are known for our individual style. Our work creates a sense of depth and texture with a bold vector based style, infused with character and humour.


Below are a collection of short animations that feature or are led by the movement of lines (or similar graphic devices). In each the line plays a different role in the narrative, sometimes leading the viewer, sometimes trailing iconography and in some instances creating the environment itself.

Below are a selection of projects that use linear and other graphical devices to tell an array of stories.

Test Frames / Animation

Some simple frames and a test animation to illustrate simple transitions / characters / and movement using the brand lines and colours. NB - These are based off early discussions of the script and are not direct responses to a finalised brief,