Automated Data Visualisation Animation

Real time data animations is what this really means, but we couldn't pass up the chance to write the most techie title to a blog post we are ever likely to create!

The animation process is generally fairly time consuming, and in today's social media world the appetite for real time content has never been greater. That's why we created Moshare, a super complex science based magical platform to generate animated infographic content from raw data and data feeds whilst we sleep. Automatically, instantly and beautifully!

The heavy lifting is done upfront in creating the templates, testing all the variable outcomes and outsmarting the hidden elements.

Naturally we've started testing sports based uses - we're BIG sports fans incase you didnt know.


Using football match data we created a series of animated GIFs from the English Premier League. 


A collection of animations generated using the results of the 2017 6 Nations Championship.

American Football DATA ANIMATIONS

A means of breaking down NFL game statistics.