The NFL returned to UK as the New York Jets played Miami Dolphins at Wembley. If you didn't get tickets to one of the big games this year, fear not, you can watch select NFL games live on BBC!

The BBC has signed a 2 year deal to show all three Wembley NFL games this year, highlights and Superbowl 50!

Eagle eyed viewers may have spotted the Rookies Guide to the NFL that we created for the NFL UK shown pre match on the BBC.  Aimed at giving newbies to the sport a brief run down to the concept of American Football, without starting family arguments! (We've all been there...)

The UK has a growing NFL fan base and rumour has it more games may be played in the UK moving forwards. Many speculating that Tottenham Hotspur may even be looking to use their new stadium to host games.

To help promote American Football in the UK, the NFL recently approached us to create animations that help explain the basics of the game and the structure of the Super Bowl. 

A Rookies Guide to the NFL animation explains the very basics of American Football and how teams commonly score points.

The Road to the Super Bowl explains how the NFL league structure works and how teams qualify to be in the Super Bowl.

We love American Football here at Cub Studio so we're super excited at this weekends Wembley game between New York Jets and Miami Dolphins, sadly we missed out on getting tickets for this game but will be there soon, and will definitely be watching the NFL games on the BBC.