It's been almost a month since we moved in to our new office space. Our remodelled shipping container on Regents Canal provides us with a light, airy office space that's different from normal office dwellings.

The Containerville community is growing week by week with new companies that all bring their own identities and personalities to the site. We're slowly getting to know people and look forward to a few drinks on the decking when the weather improves.

The project is the brain child of Adam King at Estate Office and is one of several co working communities popping up in East London, though we feel none are as original as Containerville.

This week we had a surprise visit from London Life who wanted to interview a few inhabitants of Containerville and understand what life is like in our shipping container and the Containerville community.

Everyone has fifteen minutes of fame, here's a of minute of mine.

Ben SkinnerTeam