We asked the studio to create animated self-portraits of themselves.

Then we wrote biographies for them. You can see the work everyone has created in our animation portfolio


Fraser Davidson

Creative Director and dad of tiny version of himself. Fraser likes nothing more than waking up at 5;15am and eating baby yogurt over the sink while crying. As a keen problem solver, Fraser has gotten ahead of his male pattern baldness by shaving his whole head.


Ben Skinner

The one that doesn’t animate but ensures everything else runs to plan - his plans! Outside of Cub, Ben likes to golf when his wife allows and is a keen socialiser (drinker), also when his wife allows.


Guilherme Gomes

Guilherme’s animation powers get stronger as his beard grows. A lover of cod fish, sardines and port (guess where he’s from) Guilherme loves rigging characters and animating sports scenes almost as much as he loves running and cycling. And Ronaldo.


Morgan Samuel

Cub’s go to sound engineer and based in New Zealand - Morgan ‘puts the icing on the cake’. He’s worked on numerous feature films for Peter Jackson (Hobbit films 1, 2 & 3, Tintin…) But we truly believe he much prefers working with Cub - or strangely, just loves Skype calls.


Sean Proctor

Sean’s a multidiscipline animator, but his passion lies very much with 2D animation. When not animating Sean likes to swim in the sea, climb up big rocks or cruise around on his motorbike - Sean is the cool one…


Alfie Bogush

Alfie’s hair is a glossy, masterpiece and this self portrait doesn’t truly do it justice (seriously, Google him). This leads upper management to suspect that Alfie is yet to truly discover where his strengths lie.