With our growing pack of Cubs it was time to find a new office to animate in.

Natural daylight was high on the agenda after a year with one small window, here's the full list of requirements the cubs created:

Space for an awesome coffee machine

A good view

Good sandwich shop nearby


Somewhere where people don't speak loudly on mobile phones outside your door

Dog friendly

So the hunt started a few months ago, we've seen some terrible offices and some amazing offices we sadly just couldn't justify - the personal chef can be a 2016 aspiration!

We then stumbled upon a new project near Cambridge Heath called Containerville. Literally 32 shipping containers overlooking the canal. here's the view that was requested:


We're still yet to get the awesome coffee machine (January) or discover a great sandwich shop - we'll have fun testing all the options out though!

Here's to a fantastic 2015 in our new office!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Ben SkinnerTeam, News