Cub Studio was approached by Raygun, a leading error tracking application, to create a landing page explanatory video for their website www.ragun.io

Raygun’s objective was fairly simple in principle, to engage, explain their product and convert website visitors in to customers. A common goal for many businesses.

Whilst we’re fairly tech savvy here at Cub HQ we have to admit our knowledge of error tracking and full stack traces definitely would’t win us any specialist subject rounds on Mastermind.

So we embarked on several rounds of Q&A, and with a little help from Wikipedia, we felt we had a reasonable grasp of Raygun's goals and objectives, but more importantly understood who their customers were and what they needed. 

Raygun already had a strong iconographic style along with Robbie the robot, giving us a clear style guide to work within and allowing the animation to sit seamlessly within existing branded content.

As with most of our projects, we anonymously tested a few animated gifs on Dribbble, generating feedback from a closed, impartial and knowledgable network of designers.


Raygun were actively involved as the project progressed, signing off key stages such as vo, music and spot effects as they were added. as with so many projects the final element of spot effects pulls all the previous elements together and along with key frame timings add real character to the animation.


The finished animation really brought to life what the Raygun application offers, how it works and how it can help you, without going into a granular level of detail. this keeps the viewer engaged for longer and with the ability to request further information if desired.

Raygun ran AB tests of their homepage with an interactive video panel sitting just below the fold. their early tests yielded a 30% - 50% increase in conversions.

The animated video is now a permanent feature of their homepage. Hilary Cook, Community Manager at Raygun commented: 


"Having Cub Studio create our website explainer video has been one of the best marketing investments we've ever made.

Not only does it get hundreds of views every day, our explainer vid has done amazing things for our website engagement - lowering bounce rates significantly and increasing trial sign ups on our homepage and landing pages."

Ben SkinnerAnimation, Process